Subject: Request for sponsorship of APCGCT 2019

We welcome your company as our sponsor for our annual meeting of the Asia Pacific Consortium of Gene and Cell Therapy (APCGCT) in Seoul over November 7-8th, 2019.

Currently 15 types of gene therapeutics that have been commercialized throughout the world. Further, recent clinical breakthrough and remarkable therapeutic benefits of CAR-T therapies forecast that gene and cell therapeutics will continue to be of great importance for cancer therapy of the present and the future. We believe that 2019 will be a year to build on this remarkable upward trajectory and take another step forward to improve patient outcomes.

In accordance with rapid transformation in the biotherapeutic market, annual conference of APCGCT aims to provide most up-to-date information and development within the field of gene and cell therapy that accurately represents the evolving market this year. APCGCT 2019 is the first symposium to be held in Korea, which brings together about 25 world-renown experts and scholars from diverse backgrounds (academia, drug regulatory body, clinic, and pharmaceutical industry). Experts will provide innovative presentation and vibrant discussion on current trend of research, development in translation research, recent clinical trial results, and commercialization process of gene and cell therapeutics.

Ultimately, we firmly believe that APCGCT2019 can serve as a rendezvous point for leading experts from diverse backgrounds to exchange innovative ideas and forge strong and beneficial partnerships to exponentially expedite commercialization of promising gene and cell therapeutics.

We wish that your company would continue to follow APCSCT and continue sponsoring our meeting. Any feed

Sponsorship Levels:

Sponsorship Diamond Platinum Gold Silver
Cost $20,000 $10,000 $5,000 $3,000
Credit for Session Yes
Credit for Speaker Yes Yes
Logo on Conference Abstract Book Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logo displayed in-room Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exhibition Stand Yes Yes Yes
Conference Acknowledgement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logo on Conference Website Yes Yes Yes Yes

The conference venue located in Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT) Building offers excellent facilities for conference exhibitors. Each exhibition stands will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The cost per stand is $2,000. Exhibiting companies will be listed on the conference website, with a link to the exhibitor’s website. This will be displayed on the website for one year. In addition, the exhibitor’s name and logo, together with a half page summary of the exhibitor’s products and services, will be listed in the conference catalogue.


Trade Exhibition Stand: $2,000 (Stand dimension = 2 m2)

Conference Delegate Pack:

$1,000 (Half-page worth of materials published in the official Conference Abstract Book)

Account to which you will send the funds:

Shinhan Bank 180-005-585426 (SWIFTCODE: SHBKKRSE), Hanyang University (Depositor)
※ We can issue a donation receipt for your organization's sponsorship.


Jeong Hye-min, Secretary of the organizing committee of APCGCT2019.
(Tel. 02-6214-3235/E-mail. melld416@hanyang.ac.kr)

Diamond    20,000$+

Platinum    10,000$+

Gold    5,000$+

Silver    3,000$+

Others    1,000$+