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Welcome to APCGCT2019

  • Dear conference participants,

    We are happy to welcome you to the annual meeting of the Asia Pacific Consortium of Gene and Cell Therapy at a particularly exciting time as cell and gene therapies have never been so promising with recent breakthrough developments and several clinical approvals in various nations in 2019!

  • It is timely to meet and combine our efforts in the fast evolving field of gene and cell therapies. We hope this meeting offers the opportunity not only to exchange experience but also to identify areas of mutual interest that may benefit from a joint approach. Committee is building an agenda to address some of the key issues currently facing the industry: product realization and getting innovative products to the clinical stage. We aim to provide an open forum for dialogue and exchange of scientific and technical advances that can function as the basis of adaptation for innovative products and become a force that drives science forward through pre-conceived boundaries and limitations. To address these goals, this year’s meeting will bring investigators, researchers, clinicians, and industry leaders from world to provide an international forum for the dissemination of original research results and expedite clinical translation of innovative therapeutics.

    With all our colleagues and friends from the APCGCT2019 board, we sincerely look forward to productive discussions and collaborations that may lead to fruitful and innovative advancements to our field.
  • Chae-Ok Yun, Ph.D.
  • Chair of Conference Organization Committee
  • Dear colleagues,

    It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Asia Pacific Consortium of Gene and Cell Therapy (APCGCT 2019), set to take place in Seoul, on 7-8 November 2019.

    Gene and cell therapy technology is evolving rapidly and we are now closer than ever to gene and cell therapies for cancer, hereditary diseases, rare intractable
  • diseases and Further, recent clinical breakthrough and remarkable therapeutic benefits of CAR-T therapies and gene editing technology combined with immunotherapy forecast that gene and cell therapeutics will continue to be of great importance for cancer therapy of the present and the future. We believe that 2019 will be a year to build on this remarkable upward trajectory and take another step forward to improve patient outcomes. Still, the challenges are formidable and the stakes are high. Realizing the full promise of gene and cell therapy will require the combined efforts of a dedicated community. APCGCT 2019 should be an active forum for discussing such work with world-class investigators detailing their current progress, from delivery systems and pre-clinical validation of therapeutic strategies to clinical applications. In addition, this meeting should bring together numerous experts from the research, government, and industrial sector to expedite clinical translation of innovative products. We look forward to productive discussions that should lead to new ideas and hopefully new collaborations during APCGCT 2019.

    With all our colleagues and friends from the APCGCT 2019 board, we wish you an exciting and productive meeting!
  • Won Jong Kim, Ph.D.
  • Co-chair of Conference Organization Committee